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2016 German Riesling

It was always going to be a hard task to follow the much lauded 2015 vintage for German Riesling, and yet 2016 has delivered not only outstanding wines across many styles, but also a perfect counterpoint to the bombastic nature of the year before. Where 2015 produced extremely powerful wines that topped the charts in terms of ripeness, acidity and dry extracts, 2016 is about balance and finesse. The wines are much more elegant but no less impressive with piercing intensity and clarity. There's no doubting the top wines from 2016 are destined for amazing longevity in the cellar.

"Of all the vintages of the current decade, 2016 is probably the most delicious one"
- Stephen Reinhardt, Wine Advocate

That's not to say success this vintage came easy, nor bountiful in quantity. Wide spread frost early on damaged young buds reducing volumes before the season had really started, while seemingly non-stop rain through May and June meant growers were constantly in the vineyards trying to mitigate the impact of disease. Thankfully the rain dried up, and while the summer was very hot, by Autumn weather had turned moderate with little to no pressure to rush harvest. In fact most producers had ample time to pick when they felt the flavours were in perfect balance with physiological ripeness.

"The finest of these dry Riesling are true keepers and will be modern day legends in a decade or two."
- Mosel Fine Wines

Presented in this offer is a collection of the most successful styles for the year, with some of the best dry Grosses Gewachs wines along with excellent examples of single vineyard Auslese. All wines are here now, but a word of warning that stocks on many of these are extremely limited with as few as three bottles available on some wines.