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Infrequent Flyers Single Cask Whiskies

Once again we see a wonderful selection from a very small allocation of whiskies from indie bottler, 'Infrequent Flyers' headed by industry veteran, Alistair Walker. The concept is simple - bottle high quality whiskies, often from lesser known distilleries, that have never been widely or consistently available - hence the name ‘Infrequent Flyers’.

This from Maltreview.com: "The Infrequent Flyers has been established by the Alistair Walker Company. You’ll recognise the surname, and indeed, this particular Walker worked with the BenRiach Company for over a decade prior to the sale to Brown-Forman. Deciding not to follow the path to Glenallachie, Alistair instead established his own company and series of independent releases."

According to Walker, "As we are not affiliated to any specific distillery, we are free to source casks from various distilleries, thereby offering a diverse portfolio of whisky bottlings that cover the myriad flavours, aromas and styles that whisky has to offer."