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The great malt whiskies of Scotland have historically been grouped by geographical region. Although single malt scotch whiskies are renowned for their diversity, the malts from each region do also share certain characteristics. Campbeltown malts possess a distinctive salty tang. Lowland whiskies are lighter, with a fruity quality; Highland malts are smoky and sophisticated often with a trace of sweetness ; the Orkney Island Whiskies are classic, full bodied with a heather honey accent; while those from Islay have a distinct peaty, seaweedy flavour. Indeed, among the many Western islands of Scotland, Islay is regarded as being a separate, classic whisky producing region whose intense malts play an integral role in many blends.

The Bunnahabhain distillery on Islay is probably the most isolated, yet also one the most grand and attractive buildings of its kind on the island. The distillery's water is piped down from streams on the Margdale Hills and is considered less peaty than most water used for distilling on Islay. Owned by Distell Group Limited, the operation remains firmly set in tradition although the company now imports its own raw materials. The brands labeling is reminiscent of Bunnahabhain's coastal setting, and utilizes words and imagery from the ballad 'Westering Home' (to Islay.) The poetry is more romantic than the reality - there have been 250 recorded wrecks around the coast of Islay including that of a large trawler which has lain nearby the Bunnahabhain distillery for over twenty years! Nevertheless, the charm of the label remains undiminished.