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Bunnahabhain 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)

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ABV: 46.3%

"...only an odd cask has dropped this from being a potential award winner to something that is merely magnificent." - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible

Bunnahabhain's unpeated style has gained a reputation as the most gentle single malt produced on an island famed for its massively flavoured whiskies. Water is piped in from from Margadale Springs and the whisky is distilled twice in the distillery's unusual pear-shaped pot stills. We were treated to tiny sample of the 18 year old which offered up hints of furniture wax, light molasses, raisin cake and spice on the nose, with the palate following in a delicious fruit and wood burst. Apple and vanilla round out in a beautifully balanced sweet / dry delivery which also shows some light coastal character. This whisky is more expressive in the mouth. Solely matured in ex-sherry casks stored within the distillery’s sea-facing warehouses. 46.3% Alc./Vol. Non chill filtered.

Other reviews... (93.5) - n23 A sumptuous amalgam of lightly salted roasted hazelnut shimmering within its own oil. Oloroso bulging with toasted, slightly singed currants, a sliver of kumquat and topped by thick vanilla. Irresistable...t24.5 almost impossible to fault: the oloroso grandly, almost pompously, leads the way, exuding thick, Christmas cake pudding depth; a light muscovado sugar top dressing counters the deeper, lightly salted vanillas which; f22 a very slight sulphury note sullies the tone somewhat, but there is enough rich vanilla and spotted dick for some enjoyable afters; b23 only an odd cask has dropped this from being a potential award winner to something that is merely magnificent... - Jim Murray Whisky Bible 2022

...Last time I tried the 18 – excuse me, the XVIII – that was still a 43%-version. But they’ve upped their game… Colour: pale gold. Nose: ooh, shoe polish! Something that I always enjoy a lot, reminds of both the best Alsatian rieslings and my time as a corporal in the French army (when we still had conscription). So shoe polish, then menthol, then nuts roasted with mint and honey, then a kind of lemony sea breeze. Yes, oysters and lemon, and finally, cigar boxes and sandalwood. Even balsa wood, remember when we were building those wee planes? Mouth: very, very good, they’ve upped their game indeed. Chestnut purée again, carrot cake, walnut wine, tobacco, and guess what, the same pistachios as in the Claxton’s. Some sides remind me of the early official 12s, those were superb. Finish: medium, and just perfect. Chestnut cake with drizzles of lemon juice and pinches of sea salt. Love the maltier and oloroso-ier (hey!?) aftertaste. Comments: I wouldn’t say it’s a surprise, since back in 2009, I had thought the 18 at 43% vol. was worth 88 points. But you’re really worth this one, as they say at L’Oreal’s. 90 points - whiskyfun.com

...Creamier than the 12-bigger too, with broader shoulders and greater depth. Fairly sweet up front, with vanilla-laced malt, chewy toffee, and ripe fruit. Almond fudge and a hint of espresso add intrigue, while dry wood spice on the finish underpins the whisky's characteristic sweetness. Contemplative and complex. 92 points - whiskyadvocate.com, (Vol. 15, #2) Reviewed by: John Hansell