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Chartreuse Liqueurs

In recent months, the supply of Green and Yellow Chartreuse has become unreliable with the rest of the range unavailable for most of the year. Rumours of a coming Chartreuse shortage have turned out to be true. The reason? Sales grew a whopping 47 percent over 2023 compared with the twelve months prior and the monastery can’t keep up, even though they’re churning out more of the elixir than they have in over a century. Demand is partly due to surging global enthusiasm for cocktails. The Carthusian monks who produce Chartreuse could ramp up production, but they don’t care about constant growth and aren’t interested in living lavish lifestyles. Instead their response has been to keep business activity on a human scale so as to “…protect their monastic life…not looking to grow the liqueur beyond what they need to sustain their order.” In the meantime, export volumes will remain the same (50% goes to France, the remainder the rest of the world). If America takes the majority and international demand continues, don’t expect small markets like Australia to maintain a steady supply. Charteuse is just one reason why customers visit bars and drink cocktails, but at the same time, any bar without it simply wouldn’t feel complete. Our latest allocations are now available.