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Pasquet Single Cask and Limited Edition Cognacs

2018 marked the end of an era for the house of Pasquet. Very little well-aged cognac from their own vineyards remained in the cellars. As negociants, they could have continued to purchase and blend cognacs from other properties in order to market older expressions, but Jean Luc encountered difficulties finding the desired flavour profiles. Seeking a resolution, he visited the cellars of fellow distillers and growers. These were often friends and nieghbours. He quickly realised that nothing is more unique than a single cask from a single vineyard, crafted by a talented grower/distiller whose family has worked the lands, sometimes for centuries, passing down know-how. The result was the Trésors de Famille collection of all-natural single cask/single estate cognacs, each bottling bearing the distiller’s name and the story of its provenance. These casks are truly family treasures with an appeal that extends to anyone with a penchant for cask-strength single malt or rum. The price/age ratios frequently represent exceptional value. Encouraged by critical acclaim, Pasquet intends to continue adding to the range.

Using the Family stocks as a springboard, Pasquet's Confluences collection offers limited editions of blended cognac. He explains, "I am a cognac maker and blending is part of my DNA, so I always wanted to create high quality blends. I choose to use a small part of the different casks we purchased to supply the Trésors de Famille collection - or to do a collaboration with independent bottlers - to create a custom blend 'sur mesure'."

It's worth noting that due to the region's rules and regulations, age statements are not permitted on the labels unless certificates were issued at the time of distillation and filling into barrel. As many of Pasquet's sources are local growers who maintain a tradition of saving a percentage of production each year for their own reserves, they do not always bother with certifications. For them, their output is simply a “nest-egg” to ensure the pleasure of consuming these spirits in the eve of their lives. Such 'private' barrels are the source of many of Pasquet's current offerings. Where possible, Pasquet states the age of the cognacs in supplementary notes and/or indicates distillation dates via lot numbers.