Jean Luc Pasquet L'esprit de Famille Le Cognac de Noel (500ml)
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Jean Luc Pasquet L'esprit de Famille Le Cognac de Noel (500ml)

Cognac, FRANCE
$160. 00 Bottle
$1920.00 Dozen
ABV: 46.4%

A second release from Pasquet's Family Treasures series has arrived. Just as limited, Le Cognac de Noel was sourced from the village of Sainte-Lheurine in the Petite Champagne cru. A single barrel from the 1994 vintage, distillation took place either at the end of 1994 or the beginning months of 1995 (the distillation season runs from October through March). We have a tiny allocation from the outturn of 876 bottles at 46.4%, bottled on August 2, 2021 making this 26 or 27 years old, depending on the precise distillation date. Nothing has been added.

Other reviews.... Nose: The nose is tight initially. A little time in the glass is needed for things to wake up. Wow, with each passing minute it seems as if the aromas gain more clarity and come into sharper and sharper focus. The smells are certainly spice-loaded but not abrasive. Think of an assorted autumn spice mix.
Additionally, there is an underlying smell of sweet speculoos cream and honeyed pain d’epices. I also smell a faint trace of fragrant sawdust, not a note I smell often but I assure you it’s quite pleasant. Underneath the upfront spices and dessert smells, there’s a bright streak lurking. I cannot determine if it’s blood orange, mandarin orange, yellow plum, or some other acidic fruit, but it’s there and adds freshness and vivacity to the whole aromatic package. To be sure, this is a lovely nose that picks up steam with some time in the glass. Please, do not rush this glass. Palate: Yes, I’m loving the tension on the palate. There is an impression of roundness and richness, and the Cognac is both of those, but there is an underlying verve driving everything forward. The Cognac is fresh, dry, and mouth watering. I received a similar sensation when recently tasting the Vallein Tercinier Fins Bois Lot 96. My mouth is literally watering after tasting this Cognac de Noel. The tingly warm baking spices are there for sure, but I confirm they are completely unobtrusive. There is a taste of moist honeyed pain d’epices. And the fruit underneath it all contributing freshness is blood orange or vine peach. The flavors are so agreeable, so easy to get along with. The tug of war between the flavor richness and the “vif” (a French word for lively) mouthfeel is fantastic. Finish: There is good length to the finish, but the flavors are not eternal – nor should they be. As soon as the sweet spice flavors faded away, I was more than ready to smell it and taste it again. For my palate at least, there was not an ounce of bitterness, no astringence, and no rusticity. Of course, give this Cognac some time in the glass, but once it’s up to speed, don’t be surprised if your glass diminishes at an alarming rate.