Jean Luc Pasquet Tresors de Famille L.64 Le Cognac de Claude Cask Strength Single Cask Grande Champagne Cognac (500ml)
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Jean Luc Pasquet Tresors de Famille L.64 Le Cognac de Claude Cask Strength Single Cask Grande Champagne Cognac (500ml)

Cognac, FRANCE
$399. 00
$4788.00 Dozen
ABV: 47.4%

At 57 years old, the value is astonishing. "...huge fruitiness balances the old oak very well here." -

2018 marked the end of an era for the house of Pasquet. Very little well-aged cognac from their own vineyards remained in the cellars. As negociants, they could have continued to purchase and blend cognacs from other properties in order to market older expressions, but Jean Luc encountered difficulties finding the desired flavour profiles. Seeking a resolution, he visited the cellars of fellow distillers and growers. These were often friends and nieghbours. He quickly realised that nothing is more unique than a single cask from a single vineyard, crafted by a talented grower/distiller whose family has worked the lands, sometimes for centuries, passing down know-how. The result was the Trésors de Famille collection of all-natural single cask/single estate cognacs, each bottling bearing the distiller’s name and the story of its provenance. These casks are truly family treasures with an appeal that extends to anyone with a penchant for cask-strength single malt or rum. The price/age ratios frequently represent exceptional value. Encouraged by critical acclaim, Pasquet intends to continue adding to the range.

Pasquet's latest release in the Family Treasures' series is a limited run of just 377 500ml bottles. Distilled in 1964, it equates to a single barrel sourced from the vineyard of Claude Duluc in Touzac in Grande Champagne. According to the bottler this is 57 years old! 100% Ugni Blanc.

Other reviews... A single cask gathered at Mr Claude Duluc's in Touzac. It is very moving to read these small growers' stories, which the house Pasquet collects and keeps for posterity. Not many houses do that! Now whether this was really distilled right in the middle of the Beatlemania, I don't know. Colour: very deep amber. Nose: this one's extremely floral, aromatic, very clean, very seductive, with peonies and orange blossom, then rose petals and guavas, mangos, a little black nougat (still warm), pecan pie (still warm as well), botrytis, late-harvest gewurz, old muscat… Well, you see. Exactly the opposite of the very lovely 'Bois' that we just tried. Mouth: it's fruit juice. Say cassis, mango, cranberry and pomegranate, all kept in wood. There is a little oak indeed, perhaps towards rosehip tea, then ripe apricots and oranges, that gewurz VT yet again, Sauternes (especially sémillon), and more and more rosehip tea. This huge fruitiness balances the old oak very well here, I'm sure they could keep chatting together for hours in your glass.  Finish: medium, with that balance preserved all the way till the end of the aftertaste. Comments: this cognac is a tightrope walker. Was Claude a tightrope walker in his young days? 89 points -

...Quite expansive and seductive, this one, rising above the Lot 58 in my opinion. A superb nose, no doubt. Yet there’s always this tight woody edge that reminds you of its high age. 90 points -

Notes from the producers... Bouquet: very expressive, surprisingly fresh and vibrant for its age, passion fruit predominates, then peach (in syrup), currants, a few notes of toasted sesame seeds, floral notes of rose and jasmine bring it all together. Palate: The attack is frank without being aggressive, fruity, we find notes of passion fruit and peach, the mouth reveals a beautiful tannic structure balanced by floral notes, some notes of sauterne, long and tasty finish.