Jean Luc Pasquet Tresors de Famille L.68/72 Le Cognac d'Andre Single Estate Fins Bois Cognac (500ml)
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Jean Luc Pasquet Tresors de Famille L.68/72 Le Cognac d'Andre Single Estate Fins Bois Cognac (500ml)

Cognac, FRANCE
$340. 00
$4080.00 Dozen
ABV: 54.3%

45 year old, cask strength cognac selling for a song. "...just magnificent. This is getting higher, as Jim Morrison would have said." -

This 100% Ugni Blanc expression comes from the vineyard of André Porchet, located in Asnières-la-Giraud in the Fins Bois region. Cognacs from the years 1968 to 1972 were blended together during the 1980's by André Porchet and then aged in different barrels for approximately 40 years, meaning the youngest cognac in the blend is at least 45 years old. Despite the high ABV, it's extremely well-balanced. Expect notes of passion fruits, flambée banana, spices, honey and plum jam. More about the provenance of this cask from Pasquet himself, below:

"André L68/72 is the result of the work of André Porchet representing the 6th generation of his family. Gaëlle, André's youngest daughter, has allowed us to select this very special cognac from Fins Bois in the commune of Asnières la Giraud. I met Gaëlle at the Lycée Agricole de l'Oisellerie, near Angoulême, where we were both students in the BTS VITIOENO. At the end of our studies, we lost sight of each other for several years to finally meet again thanks to our common friendships in Charente. Gaelle and her brother Yann, 7th generation, took over the 40 ha of vineyards of the family business. Gaelle now shares her life between her native Fins Bois and Bordeaux, where the father of her children is a talented oenologist. The Porchets cultivate their vines with as much passion as discretion. The adage "to live happily, let's live hidden" could be their motto. André is a reserved man of few words. He defines himself as a link in a long chain of winegrowers. With his wife Mireille, an adopted Charentaise of Breton origin, they have worked together, despite the wine crises, to make their family vineyard prosper. From their 10 hectares of vines in 1975, they were able to pass on some 40 hectares to their children. Without discontinuity, this family has cultivated the vineyard since...1680! Even during the catastrophic phylloxera years, there was no interruption in production. André wants to pass on and guard a family tradition that goes back several hundred years. The Porchets have a real knowledge of wine making and an authentic mastery of distillation. Until 1974, the distillery used a 10hl wood/coal still. Since then, gas has replaced coal and today, with two additional 25 Hl stills, the family distills their entire production. This lot 68/72 is the witness of André's first years in the vineyard. We were immediately seduced by this very atypical cognac which is perfectly drinkable at a high degree, a singularity in the cognac world. The Porchets have a real signature. Gaëlle likes to say that "it smells like home", as if the scent of this beautiful eau de vie will always bring her back to this place, wherever she is. The blend of the different vintages was composed in the 80's and has not been modified to this day. From this lot 68/72 we have drawn 738 bottles on September 07, 2022."

Other reviews... André's 1973 had been just flabbergasting three years ago (WF 92). It stems from the village of Asnières-la-Giraud, north of Saintes. Colour: full gold. Nose: it is tighter, more austere, more elegant as well, more on cakes at first, but it would then get more aromatic, with pears poached in Yquem (right, in a small Sauternes), a little muscat, sweet flowers, gardenia, clematis, honeysuckle, daphne… And then even roses. It's incredible how floral this one is. With water: I think I'll have to mention panettones again. It's not an obsession, it's just that I find a good panettone brings together the fragrances and flavours of a fine aged spirit. It's one of life's miracles (hmm…) Mouth (neat): marvelous, first with a touch of varnish. Then peaches of course, raisins naturally, flower jellies and hay, soft liquorice, vine peaches, apricots, crème brulée… I find it amazingly 'full', very classic. With water: just very classic indeed, not need to try to further dissect it. Finish: rather long, with more citrus and honeys, with some very nice tension throughout. Oranges in majesty in the aftertaste. Comments: actually, there's nothing particularly special about it; it's just magnificent. This is getting higher, as Jim Morrison would have said. 91 points -

Notes from the producers... Le Cognac d’André is a complex cognac, full of layers of aromas and flavors. Peach, cherry blossom, and earthier tones of leather and walnuts make up the bouquet. A suave and dense palate, blending notes of grape, fig, peach, cherry, almond paste with a spicy (white pepper and ginger) finish.