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2018 Bordeaux

While Julia Harding notes that 2018 in Bordeaux was definitely a success, she also poses the question of whether "...this a vintage that suits Bordeaux? The answer probably depends on your personal view of the region's wines". It's no surprise then that commentators such as James Suckling were clear "that 2018 is an exceptional year for Bordeaux wines", and while Lisa Perrotti-Brown noted the style of the year to be extreme, she also confirmed that "in the best cases, these are real WOW wines."

"At the very peak of quality, the 2018s are mind-blowingly incredible" - Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW

Certainly the Bordelais were incredibly pleased with how the vintage turned out, especially after the tough start to the year where many properties were battling mildew issues due to a very wet winter and spring. And while it was a challenge for them, the end result was more of an impact on the volume of wine produced rather than any negative impact on quality. The larger determining factor from 2018 was the long, warm (even hot) summer. Once the weather cleared the main decision the winemakers faced was when to pick the grapes given the style of wine they wished to produce.

Some were lured in by the ability to leave grapes to fully ripen and have produced opulent, hedonistic wines that border on the extreme. The best however were more cautious, aiming for flavour development and ripeness in tune with the warm year, but still balanced by fresh fruit and structure. It's these winemakers that have truly struck gold in 2018, with many producing the greatest wines in the history of their estates.

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