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New Edradour & Ballechin Shipment

Big sherry has become synonymous with the Edradour house style, and we love all of their hugely expressive and quite singular cask strength bottlings. But there’s also an alter ago that has attained a quasi-cult status after just fifteen years. It goes by the name of “Ballechin". When Edradour was bought in 2002, Andrew Symington called on the services of Iain Henderson, the former director of Laphroaig to create a second, very peaty malt. Available since 2006 and employing barley peated at 50ppm - a rate comparable to the smokiest malts of Islay - Ballechin was initially sold as a yearly vintage in limited runs of 6000 bottles. There’s now a broader variety available, including private and exclusive editions. It's proven itself suited to maturation in a wide range of cask types, however oloroso is on show in this shipment, and the results are sure to impress.