White Oak Akashi Meisei Japanese Blended Whisky (500ml)

$79. 99 Bottle
$959.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%
"Meïsei" translates as 'celebrity' in Japanese. Reports have it that this whisky was made with 45% American oak matured single malt and was released exclusively for the French market.

Other reviews... Spicy and savory with dark soy sauce, the blackened bark of a hunk of roasted meat, peppercorn, fennel, and faint lemon zest. Lemon meringue pie and tangerine flavors; quite sweet, with lovely flowing spices throughout, and a few green notes, but when the creamy fudge comes in, the ride is over. Compared with the standard blend, this has greater balance, benefiting from the absence of the more abrasive spices and herbal aromas. Abrupt finish, leaving a hollow spiciness behind.
82 points - Jonny McCormick (Winter 2016), www.maltadvocate.com