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The New Zealand Whisky Collection South Island 21 Year Old Single Malt New Zealand Whisky (700ml)

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ABV: 40%
"Proof that the country in which a whisky is made is totally irrelevant...Great whisky is great whisky".

Distilled at the famous Willowbank Distillery in Dunedin in the south of New Zealand. The Willowbank Distillery was opened by the Baker family in 1974 after approaches to the New Zealand government allowed more favourable regulations. The Bakers commenced distilling whiskies and marketed blends including Wilsons and 45 South. The large Canadian multi-national, Seagrams improved the still and processes after purchasing the distillery in the 1980's, marketing the Single Malts as 'Lammerlaw', named after a nearby mountain range, the source of the pure water from which the whisky was created. Production ceased in 1997 as Seagrams rationalised their world wide business and the operation was sold to Fosters who mothballed the company in 2000, and sent the silent stills to Fiji to make rum. The New Zealand whisky company purchased the last 600 barrels of mainly Lammerlaw malt and the whisky has been maturing in the towering seaside bondstore in Oamaru's famous heritage precinct ever since.

This is the company's flagship Single Malt Whisky marking the re-birth of Single Malt Whisky for the New Zealand Whisky company. Maturation took place in ex-bourbon barrels.

Other reviews... If someone asked me how I would like my 21 Year Old non peated malt to come to me, it would probably be something like this... Proof that the country in which a whisky is made is totally irrelevant...Great whisky is great whisky. End of.... 95 points - Jim Murrays Whisky Bible 2014

...This is fine as far as it goes—until you see the price tag. Nor is it as good as the Rugby World Cup 16 year old Vindication bottling. 81 points - www.maltadvocate.com (Vol. 21, #3) Reviewed by: Dominic Roskrow