The Last Drop Blended Scotch Whisky

$2000. 00
$24000.00 Dozen

We were fortunate to be offered a forward sample of this extremely rare whisky which is expected to retail around the $2000 mark on release. Blended 36 years ago from 70 malts and 12 grains.

Slightly dull, deep orange / sienna brown colour with a viscous appearance. The nose is profound - shellac top note, then surprisingly Bourbon like with deep vanilla cream and brandy sauce aromas. The palate takes an unexpected turn from the nose, with a silky glycerous entry followed by an intense, slow explosion of dried apricots and prune over old, slow burning oak smoke. Fantastic balance. Pronounced warming spirit glow followed by a long, soft aftertaste of smoky oak, nougat & cloves. This is all about incredible depth that only whiskies of this venerable age seem to attain.

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