Sonoma County Distilling Co. Cherrywood Rye Whiskey (750ml)
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Sonoma County Distilling Co. Cherrywood Rye Whiskey (750ml)

Sonoma, California, UNITED STATES
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ABV: 47.8%

"When the rye pops through, it rips..." - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible.

The Sonoma County Distilling Company was founded in 2010 in the heart of the County with a ''grain to glass' approach to production. Every aspect is handled in-house including the mashing and fermentation of grains, direct-fired copper alembic pot distillation, American oak barrel aging, bottling and labeling. It's a philosophy that resonates with many small Australian distillers. Perhaps not surprisingly, several tasters have found strong resemblances here to Belgrove's 100% Rye whiskies from Tasmania.

For this edition, the mash bill is made up of unmalted Canadian rye and wheat, complimented by a hint of Cherrywood-smoked barley from Wyoming. Expect notes of dried figs, toasted almonds, brandied cherries and new leather. Unfiltered and hand bottled, the producers describe it as " inventive whiskey meant for those who enjoy the flavours of a classic Manhattan cocktail."

Other reviews... ultra crunchy grain with a Demerara bit... the mouth-watering grain busts through the oaky caramels like Superman ripping off his clothes to reveal his identity; just a little oily and flat. When the rye pops through, it rips... 91 points - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2020

...Double distilled in pot stills.... Initially, I encounter mildly alluring scents of dried cherry/prune/black raisins that underscore a dry oakiness that’s almost roasted/toasted/charred; secondary whiffs encounter traces of seeds, grain kernel, old saddle leather, black peppercorn. Entry is fresh, acidic, dry to off-dry, raisiny, very cherrywood influenced; midpalate adds tasty flavors of sweetened cereal grain (Grapenuts especially), maple syrup, saltwater taffy, toasted marshmallow. Aftertaste is creamy, lush, bittersweet. Nice job with this one. Highly Recommended. 4 Stars.
-, F.Paul Pacult - March 2017