Reservoir Distillery 100 Proof Wheat Whiskey (700ml)
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Reservoir Distillery 100 Proof Wheat Whiskey (700ml)

$160. 00 Bottle
$1920.00 Dozen
ABV: 50%

At Reservoir Distillery, they abide by a simple motto: "If you're going to do something, do it right, do it well, make it special". It's an attitude that sets a high standard for both quality control and style. The Richmond, Virginia-based venture was established in 2008 by childhood friends, Jay Carpenter and Dave Cutting. They use open-top fermentation in a process that can take between 6-11 days and are exceptionally picky when it comes to barrels. Some are crafted from hand picked Virginia trees, and most receive a custom alligator char, which is pretty much as deep as charring goes (Ardbeg did this for their celebrated 2011 release). Quarter-cask aging is a specialty with each 60 litre barrel used just once.

They're also unusual in that their core whiskeys are based on single-grain mash bills (e.g. their wheat whiskey is 100 percent wheat). All the grains come from within fifty miles of the distillery. Described as "...savory, buttery and soft", this expression makes for an approachable alternative to high strength Bourbons.

Other reviews... A top (reservoir) dog wheat whisky. 93 points - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2022

... An unusual style, made from 100% wheat. Hints of stone fruit, brown apples, and molasses come cloaked in earthy aromas of saddle leather, woodpile, and husky grain. Shows well for its age, and quite smooth, but the oak dominates and aromas seem dulled, with vanilla, oak bitterness, and dark chocolate on the finish. 80 points -, reviewed by: Jeffery Lindenmuth 2017

... Nose: Big and thick, deep layers of caramel and vanilla sweetness. Hints of creamy oak and then waves of red berries and cherries. Palate: That rich mouth coating oiliness. Plenty of honey sweetness and sourdough with chilli loaded honey, sweet and spicy. Then moves to more chocolate coated hazelnuts with a little salt tickle to it. Finish: Dries swiftly and leaves the sweetness of orange and almond chocolate behind. Comment: Not the biggest wheat offering out there, but what it does is excellent. 88 points -

Whisky of the Year - Cigars Lover Magazine.