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Port Askaig 12 Year Old Spring 2020 Limited Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)

$149. 99 Bottle
$1799.88 Dozen
ABV: 45.8%
"Fabulous! You get the feeling that the casks were plucked from the warehouse at exactly the right time."
95.5 points - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2021

Few independent bottlers have a better reputation for securing Islay's finest single casks than Specialty Drinks Ltd. Responsible for the much lauded "Elements of Islay" series, they also offer a range named after a fishing harbour off Islay's East coast, "Port Askaig". Made from cherry-picked casks sourced from Islay's largest - and many would say, consistently best distillery - the 2020 Spring limited edition is another example confirming Caol Ila truly is this bottler's forte: a seamless amalgam of eighteen ex-bourbon hogsheads filled in 2006 and 2007, it promises all the smoke-infused barley, creamy vanillas and perfectly tuned maritime peat you expect from Caol Ila at its brilliant best. 5000 bottles have been released worldwide. We have a fraction of that from the Australian importer.
When Jim Murray gets this poetic about a whisky, you know you're in for a treat. Full review below...

Other reviews... Just bounds along with classic Islayness... Gristy smoke flutters, salt cures and seasons. The feel of decent age, but just not too much, is spot on... brilliant delivery with a delicate oil which stokes up the sugars and sets them against the semi muscular phenols. Naturally, they embrace... the finale chunters along with the smoke thudding up against the lighter vanilla lead. The late arriving oak forms a firm backdrop with the frillier phenols; only a bourbon cask can allow the phenols to play and galivant with such fun and abandon. You get the feeling that the casks were plucked from the warehouse at exactly the right time. Fabulous! Non chill filtered. 45.8% Alc./Vol.
95.5 points - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2021

Notes from the bottlers... NOSE - The smokiness of peated malt fresh from the kiln melding with a background of zesty lemon oil and sea breeze. A maritime minerality drifts in. PALATE - Lemon sherbet and key lime pie accented by the sweetness of stone fruits. This blends with sooty smoke from a large hearth and boasts a toffee-led sweetness underneath. FINISH - Rich, barbecued Persian black lemon and dried mint leaves linger with fresh turf. A touch of smoked paprika has the last word.