Penderyn 2008 Grand Slam Edition Aur Cymru (Madeira Cask Finish) Single Malt Welsh Whisky (700ml)

Penderyn, WALES
$150. 00 Bottle
$1800.00 Dozen
ABV: 46%

Similar in vein to the 2005 edition, Penderyn have re-released its 'Grand Slam' rugby edition in 2008, noted as "The offical Whisky of the Welsh Rugby Union".
The packaging is decorated with history and facts based around the Welsh rugby team, inluding, the 2008 championship ladder, results of the games, a record of Wales’ 10 grand slams in the last 100 years and a blow by blow account of the important grand slam 2008 winner against France.

The whisky is labeled as 'Aur Cymru' meaning 'Welsh Gold' a Madeira cask finished whisky currently in their range.

As Wales' only single malt whisky, this limited edition like the 2005 is expected to become very collectable in the future.

Other Reviews
(88.5) n23, t23, f21, b21.5
You'd think that to mark the winning of a Grand Slam, they'd bring out a real hefty, hairy-arsed dram full of spice and vim. But no: it's a gentle giant. Are they trying to suggest the Championship was won by craft, guile and an understated touch of class...?
- Jim Murray Whisky Bible 2011