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Overeem Distillery Sherry Cask Matured Single Malt Whisky (700ml) - Cask Strength 60%

$270. 00
$3240.00 Dozen
ABV: 60%

Not surprisingly, Overeem's cask strength sherry edition shows more intensity than its 43% sibling, though not by a huge margin. It maintains a similar finesse and poise, and despite the significant step up in alcohol, there's barely a trace of burn in the deliciously rich delivery - only a mild bittersweetness betrays the ABV. That feature bestows a high-cocoa dark chocolate character to the malt, infused with hazelnuts, tea biscuits, sponge cake and threads of honey through the creamy-yet-spicy-finish. Buxom yet balanced, it feels almost effortless at 60%.

[Cask 001 tasted 2012] Deep gold / burnished brass colour. The nose offers a degree of opulence in a fat, oily and ripe dimension but without being overly sweet. Beneath the rich fruit cake and sweet spices some confectionary notes emerge as bubblegum / dark chocolate. Is there a trace of peat in this bottling? The palate is intense, semi-sweet at first with cocoa, sweet spices and hints of dried fruit; by mid-palate the profile thins out as the high ABV kicks in. Finishes mildly bitter, spicy and warm but remarkably balanced. 92 points