Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth (750ml)

Marsiellan, FRANCE
$35. 99
$431.88 Dozen
ABV: 18%
Closure: Cork

In 1800, Joseph Noilly decided to break with tradition. He began producing the first ever Dry Vermouth to compete with the sweet Italian ‘Turin’ styles. He achieved this by making three fundamental changes to the method of vermouth production. The first change involved the addition of local flowers and fruits to his original recipe of 20 herbs. The second saw to the use of dry wines made from the Picpoul and Clairette grapes from the Languedoc. After macerating and blending, the third point of difference was to adopt a ‘new’ method of ageing which was known locally as "vin cuit" (‘cooked wine’.) This essentially involved transferring the wine into small oak barrels to be left outdoors. This exposure to climatic extremes lasts 12 months and actually speeds the wines aging process by up to four times. The barrels are finally emptied into huge blending vats, fortified and then left a further twelve months to marry before bottling.
18% Alc./Vol.