Michel Couvreur Tria Juncta in Uno Blended Malt French Whisky (500ml)

Burgundy, FRANCE
$1299. 00
$15588.00 Dozen
ABV: 49.92%
A genuine limited edition of just 400 bottles, with major markets allocated as few as twelve bottles. Australia has even less.

This is Couvreur's blending masterpiece composed from a very sherried 25 year old and a 29 year old from x Pedro Ximenez casks combined with his famous 16 year old Bere Barley malt whisky (a wild variety grown in Westray, Orkney). Assembled by Michel Couvreur himself, "Tri Juncta in Uno" (latin for “three in one”) marks the culmination of his passion to create an extra-aged whisky of the highest quality. The soul and source of the whiskies are referenced in the presentation - a handcrafted leather box made by “La Malle Bernard” (maker of Morgan cars’ luggage) with a traditional Scottish 'green plaid' lining inside.

Michel Couvreur's "Scotch" starts out in Scotland as bulk a.k.a.“clearach” (a high proof distillate) which is transferred to his humid cellar in Bouze-les-Beaune, Burgundy, France to be aged in small sherry casks. Total production is about 50,000 bottles or 4,000 cases annually. From 1978 on, Couvreur made maturing whiskies his life’s work, dedicating research to a process which he once compared to 'cross-fertilisation'. Couvreur passed away in 2013; his son-in-law Cyril Deschamps and his cellar master Jean-Arnaud Frantzen, with the invaluable help of Michel’s devoted wife Marthe and his daughter Alexandra, continue to follow to the letter the original philosophy of the house. 49.92% Alc./Vol.