Mancino Chinato Vermouth (500ml)

$52. 99
$635.88 Dozen
ABV: 17.5%
A bartender by trade, in 2011, Giancarlo Mancino started working with a small family operated distillery in Piedmont. His aim was to create a range of high quality vermouths. Using a range of botanicals ground in a traditional mill, the ingredients were then steeped in sugar beet spirit to extract the aromas and flavours, before being blended with a local wine base.

Another product that stemmed from these efforts is "Chinato". It is Giancarlo’s hybrid of his three Mancino Vermouths (Secco, Bianco and Rosso) centered on Erede di Chiappone Armando Barbera d’Asti D.O.C.G, with added pure quinine bark. Considered by some as a new tier for the category, it's built on a rich, deep, red, bitter wine base, making for a notable digestive/aperitif. Serve it as an after dinner pairing with fine cheese or dessert, otherwise, perfect chilled, straight up as a digestive, warmed like mulled wine or used as an addition to any Hot Toddy.