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Maidenii Dry Vermouth (750ml)

$47. 99
$575.88 Dozen
ABV: 19%
This is the latest offering from a collaboration between French wine maker Gilles Lapalus and Australian bartender Shaun Byrne. In the creation of these world class Vermouths, they have sourced leaves, flowers, fruits, herbs, seeds, spices and roots from the gardens of both the old world and the new. The vital components, wormwood and wine, are plucked fresh from Victoria. Other key ingredients include strawberry gum, river mint, sea parsley and wattle seed.

The 'Dry' completes a superb triptych of Vermouths and represents their finest effort to date.

Tasting note: Pale straw gold colour. Perfumed aromatics open with a fruity / herbaceous burst that includes bay leaf, clove, indian spices and more over a fresh and fruity base wine. The fruitiness comes to the fore after exposure leaning towards stewed apricot / fruit mince pie. Exceptional complexity. The palate is lean, light yet with good depth opening spicy with a dried citrus peel and apricot burst before turning deliciously nutty, spicy and refreshingly acidic towards the finish. Concludes bone dry and delicately bitter as the gentian asserts itself with hints of clove and a medley of flavours reverberating into the lengthy fade. Beautifully composed. A superb drink in its own right, it will take your Martinis to the next level. 19% Alc./Vol.