Mackmyra Preludium 06 Swedish Single Malt Whisky (500ml)

$99. 99
$1199.88 Dozen
ABV: 50.5%

Preludium is a range of six “Swiskies” that offer a foretaste of Swedish malt whisky. Each offers an insight into the development of Swedish malt whisky through production and barrel types and bottled in a limited volume during 2006 and 2007.

Preludium: 01 -The First Few Drops. Justly named as this young expression includes both first casks from the equipment utilized at the Bruk mill in Gästrikland (1999) and first casks developed from the new equipment introduced at the distillery in October 2002.

Preludium: 02 -The Swedish Oak. Matured in oak casks from the Royal Oak Forest on the island of Visingsö in Sweden.

Preludium: 03 - Sherry and Swedish Smoke. Matured in sherry casks and smoked over a juniper and peat fire.

Preludium: 04 - Elegance Stored in a Mine. Created as a tribute to the Bodås mine in which the whisky was matured.

Preludium: 05 - Flavoursome Small Casks. A young whisky, its main character derives from the selection of small casks utilized. The ABV is reduced to just over 48% with water from the distillery.

Preludium: 06 -Fresh Swedish Smoke. A blend of the smoky and elegant recipe, stored for four years in first-fill bourbon casks. The casks have matured in the warehouses on Fjäderholmarna and in the Bodås mine.

Releases 01 -05 are stated to have been completely sold-out within a matter of hours on the Mackmyra website. We can only assume that 05 and 06 will follow suit, especially when considering their limited nature and success internationally.

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