La Canellese Bianco Vermouth (750ml)

$49. 99 Bottle
$599.88 Dozen
ABV: 16%
This refreshing white vermouth is described by La Canallese as "a velvet celebration of sweetness, full of fresh notes of gentian and aromatic herbs, enriched by charming sandalwood hints". 28 botanicals are used however the delicate bitter notes of Roman and Alpine wormwood, marjoram, sandalwood, gentian and laurel stand out.

The La Canellese property is surrounded by the beautiful world heritage wine landscapes of Piedmont, on the border between Langhe and Monferrato. In an area traditionally devoted to wine, the family has been working for a century to create aperitifs, spirits and bitters.

Naturally fragrant and delicate, Rosa Bertello’s old artisan recipe can be found in every bottle of La Canellese vermouth, enriched and modernized in order to meet contemporary tastes. 18% Alc./Vol.