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Koval White Rye Whiskey (750ml)

Chicago, Illinois, UNITED STATES
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ABV: 40%
Made from 100% organic Rye, some have compared the flavour of this to aquavit. The producers note that the style is a traditional American spirit. George Washington made it in his distillery, and it was common in the New World before the rise of bourbon after the Whiskey Rebellion. Barely touching the barrel before being bottled, this is intended as the 'true essence' of rye without being overshadowed by oak.

Tasting note: Crystal clear. The atypical rye bouquet is slightly soapy and sweet herb-like in the initial pass, building with unexpected and delightful scents of liquorice bullets / chico lollies which continue into the later stages, with some grainy notes also sneaking in. Silky, creamy entry follows through to a fairly broad, semi sweet, pure profile featuring old liquorice strap and ryvita biscuit flavours persisting with moderate length. A nice addition to the range. 40% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... Mineral water clear and clean. Opening nose is snappy, grainy, and almost like baked fruit as there is a nuance of charred sweetness underneath the grain intensity; bouquet turns semisweet with aeration and roasted; me like. Entry is fruity, fulfilling the nose impressions, and gently sweet; midpalate highlights the grainy sweetness more than the fruit aspect. Longer than expected finish. 3 Stars. Recommended - March 2014, www.spiritjournal.com