Jack Daniels Mr. Jack's 160th Birthday Tennessee Whiskey (700ml)

$79. 99 Bottle
$959.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%
Notes from the distillery…
Yes, Jack Daniel was a real person, and a pretty fascinating one at that. From birth to death, legend surrounded him. And in between he created Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. 2010 marks the 160th birthday of Jack Daniel and this limited edition bottle is dedicated to him.
A town fire destroyed the courthouse records, and conflicting dates on Mr. Jack's and his mother's headstones have left his date of birth in question. It’s customary to celebrate Mr. Jack’s birthday in September – so he gets a whole month. But for a man as unique as Jack Daniel, one day just wouldn’t seem proper, anyway. How do we honor Mr. Jack's 160th birthday? The same way we honor him every day of the year. All Jack ever asked was "every day we make it we make it the best that we can." He was talking about his whiskey, of course, so we honor him on his birthday by making good on his request with the bottle you now hold.