Jack Daniels Maxwell House Decanter Tennessee Whiskey (1500ml)

$999. 00 Bottle
$11988.00 Dozen
ABV: 43%
Easily one of the most impressive JD decanters we've come across. Originally released in 1971, this 1.5L version was produced for international markets in 1995. Complete with hang tag and original shipping box. Excellent condition. Very collectable. One only available.

"First released in 1971, the Maxwell House Decanter was considered one of the most beautiful of its time and oddly enough it was not Jack Daniel who was responsible for designing it. That honor instead went to Lem Motlow. The origin of this decanter’s name dates back to the year 1859 when Colonel John Overton Jr. began construction on a new hotel in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Ironically, had it not been for a night out on the town, this hotel might never have been built… Over the years, the Maxwell House Hotel became a well-known stopping point for famous people passing through the South. Lem Motlow knew of the hotel’s popularity and prestige and saw this as a business opportunity for the Distillery… To commemorate the decanter that Lem Motlow first presented to Colonel Overton, the Distillery released a half gallon replica bottle in 1971". - jackdanielsbottles.com