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Ironbark Distillery Corn Rye Blend Un-aged Moonshine (750ml)

New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
$84. 99
$1019.88 Dozen
ABV: 45%
As advocates for an Australian manufacturing revival, the Papps are doing their bit creating spirits in an upstart venture based in North Richmond, New South Wales. Having taken a redundancy package after 26 years in industrial distillation, Reg Papp is continuing his trade on a smaller scale, since establishing the Ironbark Distillery in 2013. The project departs from the 'Old World' tradition of copper pot stills, preferencing purity of spirit. "Our still is a sectional fractionation column constructed from stainless steel" explains Papp. "All of the internal components are fabricated from copper, thus retaining the sulphide removing qualities associated with copper pot stills. Being of modular design it can be run in many configurations, depending on what flavour profile we desire."

Tasting note: Mashed using all Australian grain. Brilliant, crystal clear appearance. Lifted bouquet features corn chip, ryvita biscuit and hints of caraway. Excellent definition and purity. Repeats on the palate with a concentrated, medium dry, toasted rye and corn chip fusion; concludes vibrant, dry, pure and pleasantly peppery with the rye closing bread-like and long. Delicious. 45% Alc./Vol.