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Grants Cask Editions No.2 Sherry Cask Finish Blended Scotch Whisky (700ml)

Banffshire, SCOTLAND
$44. 99 Bottle
$539.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%

The influences of Balvenie and Glenfiddich (also produced by William Grant and Sons) are the basis for Grant's blended whiskies. The company has recently expanded its range with three new releases offering exceptional value for money and unusual depth of flavour by blended whisky standards. In fact, in a blind line up you'd be forgiven for thinking these were single malts.

Like most distilleries with history, Grant's have accrued some colourful stories. Soon after William Grant began distilling in 1887 his sole distributor collapsed, and Grant was left with no outlet for continuing sales. He urgently needed to invent and market his own brand. In desperation, he passed the challenge onto his son-in-law, who, so the story goes, made over five hundred calls to various firms around the country. He managed to sell one dozen bottles! Business gradually improved, and the original Grants we know today was suitably marketed under the "Steadfast" label. The product enhanced its image to cater for numerous international markets, including the adoption of its striking triangular bottle. Its been rumoured that the whisky had favour amongst several heavy drinking Hollywood actors, purely on account of the bottle shape. If they dropped it on stage during rehearsals, it was guaranteed not to roll too far!

The freedom to try new things is one of the joys of being a family owned company with five generations of whisky making experience. In 2001, Grant’s became the first blended Scotch whisky to be finished in sherry casks. Grant’s Master Blender handpicks Spanish Oloroso sherry casks before filling them with already aged whisky which is then left for up to four months to acquire the rich flavours of "...dried fruit, warm spice and sweet honey".

Tasting note:Pale gold with a pale straw hue. Good intensity on the nose with honeyed, toasted malt mingling with the dried fruits. Becomes lighter with aeration with vanilla entering. Appealing. Light entry leads into a malty mid palate burst, countered by soft spices. The Sherry influence is more subdued here than the nose suggests. A dry biscuity finish is followed by a somewhat underwhelming aftertaste. A delicious example nonetheless, and probably with enough oomph to please most single malt snobs. 40% Alc./Vol.

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