Glenmorangie The Quarter Century 25 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)

Highlands, SCOTLAND
$1199. 00
$14388.00 Dozen
ABV: 43%

Note: Product has come from a private collection and as such has some minor scuffing/scratches/handling marks. Actual product not pictured.

Officially discontinued, Glenmorangie 25YO has been replaced by "Glenmorangie Grand Vintage". The first one was the 1990 released in early 2017.

Glenmorangie combines the spiciness of the northern Highland malts with the lightness of the lowlands. The gleaming swan-necked copper stills - the tallest in Scotland - play a vital role, allowing only the lightest and purest spirit to make it into the final malt. The distillery remains one of the smallest in the Highlands, employing just sixteen craftsmen - "The sixteen men of Tain".

The Quarter Century is a 25 Year Old release, sumptuously packaged in an elegant amphorae style bottle and gold coloured presentation box. Described by Glenmorangie as "Bursting with depth of flavour, dried fruits, blackberries, plums and dates, married with chocolate, coffee and cinnamon spice".

Other reviews... Quite deep for a Glenmorangie, but still surprisingly balanced. Glenmorangie is a lighter-style spirit and, in the past, some of the older vintage expressions were heavy-handed on the wood. The oak aging is obvious on the nose, but this whisky manages to walk the thin line between enjoying the maturity and depth of an older whisky without too much oak influence. 91 points - www.maltadvocate.com, reviewed by: John Hansell (Summer 2008) 43% Alc./Vol.