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Fuyu Blended Japanese Whisky (700ml)

$89. 99 Bottle
$1079.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%
Distilled from a mash of 20% malted barley and 80% corn sourced from three distilleries on Japan’s largest and busiest whisky island, Honshu (home to eight operating distilleries). Maturation took place in American white oak barrels. 'Fuyu' means winter in Japanese.

Tasting note: Deep amber gold. Cocoa, light cinnamon, vanilla and hints of ripe peaches follow in a soft, medium bodied whisky offering flavours of gobstopper, ginger and late fruit cake. Ends crisp and moreish with buttery vanillan oak through the aftertaste. A youthful, Bourbonesque blend with satisfying sweet/dry balance. 40% Alc./Vol.