Elements of Islay Lg8 Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (500ml)

$199. 00 Bottle
$2388.00 Dozen
ABV: 59.5%

If you're pining for that classic mingling of soot, barbecue meat and sweet fruits that's characteristic of one particular Kildalton distillery, this is for you. According to the bottlers, the core flavour is charred mango-glazed ham. Aged in two bourbon barrels. Great review from whiskyfun.com below suggesting the distillate is immaculate and true to form. Unusual to see indies from this distillery, so get in before the collectors do.

Other reviews... Lg8 is not the latest smartphone by Samsung, it’s Elixir Distiller’s latest Lagavulin, stemming from two bourbon barrels. I usually like to try my ‘Lgs’ against the newer official 12 yo Special Release, but that one’s not in yet. Colour: white wine. Nose: no surprise, this is brilliant. Simply pristine, bright and brine-y, with some lemon, tree bark, Islay mud, oysters, unripe white peaches, fresh almonds, and roots. Boringly great, I’d almost take sides with Benjamin Disraeli, he who used to say that he hated good wine and preferred bad ones, because good wines were too boring. Well, exaggerating a bot now, I agree… With water: wet fabric, mud and all that. Mouth (neat): it’s the simplicity that’s striking. This is sweet, as any young Lagavulin usually is – it’s almost a tad syrupy actually – and then very smoky, very peppery, very lemony. It’s really simple, but it’s perfect. Malevich’s white square, made whisky. With water: lemon up, sweetness down. We won’t complain. Finish: long, crystal-clean, smoky. Comments: maturation mainly filtered out the undesired molecules here, all the rest remained extremely close to the original distillate. Like in the greatest white mezcals, pears, rums, gentians, grogues, cachaças… etc. 90 points (yup, as usual). - whiskyfun.com