Eiling Lim Cask Strength Tennessee Whisky (700ml)

$299. 00 Bottle
$3588.00 Dozen
ABV: 51.5%
Indie bottlings from the US usually offer something special. And whether it be blended Scotch or blended malt, or any other kind of whisk(e)y, if it's good, Eiling Lim will bottle it. This no age statement release is part of Lim’s “Extra Oldinory” range, so expect it to be at least middle aged.

Lim explains her Tennessee whisky is spelt without an ”e” because the distillery in in Cascade Hollow. It's high strength, charcoal mellowed and comes from one of the oldest Tennessee producers - and, no, it's not Jack Daniels! 51.5% Alc./Vol.