Dewar's White Label Blended Scotch Whisky (1 Pt. 6 Fl. Ozs.) - 1959 bottling

$999. 00 Bottle
$11988.00 Dozen
A whisky antique reportedly from the late 1950s, packaged in an old style 'slim-line' bottle. Some ware to the front label as pictured. One only from a private collection.

Dewar’s, for one reason or another has become extremely popular among American whisky imbibers. Perhaps it is their preference for lighter tasting beers that extends into their tastes for Scotch? Once the sixth best-selling scotch in the world, John Dewar was the first to bottle whisky with his own name on the label as a guarantee of quality (circa 1846.) Dewar was also the first to move away from stoneware jars and kegs, to begin selling the product in bottles. As this bought the cost of the product down significantly, the practise soon became the custom. After Dewar died in 1880, his two sons Thomas & John set off abroad, successfully signing up 27 new agencies greatly expanding the business.

In 1898, the brothers returned to build the Aberfeldy distillery, which to this day remains the primary source of the Dewars blend. Perhaps Dewars most curious claim to fame, however, occurred in the same year when the company hired Thomas Edison to shoot the world's first ever moving picture advertisement for a commercial product. It featured, not surprisingly, dancing kilted Scots.