Dalmore Regalis Single Malt Scotch Whisky (1000ml)

Speyside, Highlands, SCOTLAND
$150. 00 Bottle
$1800.00 Dozen
ABV: 40%
Part of Dalmore's Fortuna Merita ('fortune favours the brave') travel retail range. Regalis means 'royal'. This one's finished in first fill Amoroso Sherry casks following a maturation in American oak. While the term Amoroso isn’t used on sherry labels any more (instead it's 'Medium' or 'Cream' , depending on sugar levels), González Byass and Dalmore persist with the title. Big one litre format.

Other reviews... An amoroso sherry finish this time. Amoroso is some kind of sweet sherry that some used to call ‘sweet oloroso’ or ‘dulce’ if I’m not mistaken. Rather out of fashion. Colour: pale amber. Nose: nice! (yes, demonstrating utter accuracy in tasting). More towards old tobaccos and herbal teas, almonds or amaretti, walnut wine, and, bizarrely, vin jaune. IN other words, a finishing in a sweet wine cask that got drier than its counterparts from dry wine casks. A master blender moves in mysterious ways… (that one for Richard!) Mouth: I find this really good. The Valour with more depth and complexity, as well as, perhaps, more freshness. Honeydew, fresh hazelnuts, fresh pecans, even macadamias… And I especially like the faint earthiness. Eating raw mushrooms. Finish: shortish, sadly, but that’s only the minimal strength. Chocolate and café latte. Comments: I’ll say again what any lazy blogger will say, bring a CS version of this! Very good juice. 40% Alc./Vol.
84 points - whiskyfun.com