Cutty Sark Blended Scotch Whisky (700ml)

$39. 99 Bottle
$479.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%

At a lunch with a well-known Scottish artist, James McBey, Francis Berry raised the question of a name for a new blend of Whisky he was developing. McBey suggested 'Cutty Sark’, inspired by the famous clipper, built in Scotland in 1869 and the fastest ship of her day. The couplet from Robert Burns's Tam O'Shanter seemed to endorse the concept further: "Whene'r to drink you are inclined/ Or Cutty Sarks run in your mind..." Berry embraced the title and McBey designed and painted the original label, which is still used today.

Cutty Sark originated a new style of Whisky. Blended to suit the American palate, which prefers a lighter style, the most notable influence in Cutty Sark is from the inclusion of select Speyside malts. American oak casks, most of which have held sherry, are then set aside to bring out the characteristic flavour and aroma of each whisky in the Cutty Sark blend, and to gently impart colour during the 4-10 year maturation. (No caramel is added to enhance the colour.) Quality shines through in its pale golden colour, fragrant with hints of vanilla and oak. Cutty Sark is clean and fresh on the palate with hints of smoky sweetness and a clean, crisp finish. Excellent value. 40%alc./vol.

Other reviews... Nose: Very faint seaweed. Estery. Fruity. Palate: Very light-bodied, but with interesting flavours. Coconut. Pistachio nuts. Rosewater. Finish: Hessian, cedar and oak. Salt, very definitely. Seems to lift in the finish. Comment: The flavours are tightly combined. I imagine exploring them late at night in a vaguely disreputable bar in the tropics. Perhaps it's the name.
Rating: 80 - Michael Jackson, www.whiskymag.comsize>

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