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Cotswolds Peated Cask Strength Single Malt English Whisky (700ml)

$150. 00 Bottle
$1800.00 Dozen
ABV: 60.4%
"Unlikely you'll find a more perfectly balanced and complex peat cask malt than this, this year!" - Jim Murray

What started as an experiment has become the newest (and most praised) addition to Cotswolds' growing core range. Consisting of around 2900 bottles per batch, 'Peated Cask" is made using un-peated local barley; the new-make is then aged in x-peated quarter casks from Scotland (these are considerably smaller than your standard whisky cask). The Islay-soaked oak influence complements the fruity notes in the spirit without overwhelming (it's more like the phenols are softly brushed on). Awarded Best World Whisky at the International Whisky Competition 2020, it also added yet another glowing review to Cotswolds extraordinary track record from Jim Murray (see below - batch 01/2019 tasted). Note: We have considerably less to sell than the Founder's Choice, so if you're in the market for a peaty treat, be quick.

Other reviews... (Batch No. 01/2019) at first the smoke is little more than a thin shadow, or a distant echo. Slowly, however, it builds, seemingly a molecule at a time, into something more complete... delicate, so delicate.... a degree of youth prods the salivation button.... not so much a blanket of smoke, more a thin sheet. This is laid gently over the contours of the mochas-enriched tannins, gentle ulmo honey and demerara sugars. First it is a tease. And then a complete seduction. On St.George's Day an English Whisky that is unquestionably among the world's elite this year. Amazing. 59.3% Alc./Vol.
96 points - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2021

"...Precocious, huge & delicious." 5+ stars - diffordsguide.com