Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash #1 New Make Spirit (375ml)

    Kentucky, UNITED STATES
    $99. 99 Bottle
    $1199.88 Dozen
    ABV: 62.5%
    The birth of the World’s greatest Bourbons – Buffalo Trace release the hounds.

    The New Make Spirit keeps coming. One of the newest retail categories to emerge in the whisky world has added a Bourbon experience for the true connoisseurs. Buffalo Trace, renowned for the production of the world’s finest Bourbon and Rye Whiskies, has taken it back to basics with the release of White Dog Mash #1. We have seen excellent New Make Spirits in the Malt world, Peter Bignall’s awesome Belgrove Rye New Make, and a series of “Blanche” releases from the French out of Armangac and Calvados. Now Bourbon enthusiasts can complete their education with this latest release from Buffalo Trace.

    Buffalo trace White Dog Mash #1 is made from the low Rye mash bill used for George T Stagg, Eagle rare and Buffalo Trace Straight Bourbon.

    Unaged whiskies, alternately referred to as moonshine, white dog, white whiskies and, more officially, New Make, provide an unparalleled insight into the construction of the finished product. They display the esters and unadulterated characters that will (or sometimes not) mesh with the primary flavour contribution to an aged spirit – the barrel it is aged in – and afford an insight into Whiskey previously only available to industry professionals.