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Blackadder Black Snake Vat 6 Second Venom Cask Strength Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)

$165. 00 Bottle
$1980.00 Dozen
ABV: 59.3%
Robin Tucek's Blackadder range of independent bottlings continues to diversify with a selection of blended malts, first offerred in 2014 under the Black Snake label and derived from a "solera system". Although the number of barrels involved is not disclosed, it works on traditional Spanish principles: the lowest row of barrels is referred to as the "solera" (from the Spanish word 'suelo', or 'ground'). These will contain the oldest whisky. The butts in the row immediately above it contain somewhat younger whisky than the row beneath and so on up the rows. Whisky for bottling is extracted from the barrels on the ground-level and replaced by the same quantity from those above it with the highest row replenished with the youngest material. Tucek uses ex-oloroso sherry casks then finishes his blends off in PX casks. Bottled in February 2016, only 436 bottles of Vat 6 were released.

Tasting note: Bright gold with pale straw edges and thick legs. Several twists and turns to the nose which starts spirity and acidic with a subtle sulphury edge; second pass reveals thick malt as cream tea biscuit / cafe creme / creamy soda like scents come to the fore. Wavers back and forth during five minutes of air contact. Huge delivery with a fabulous, viscous texture and a big vanilla / dried fruit hit; finish is creamy yet bittersweet, moderately alcoholic but well balanced, with juicy dates, fruit'n'nut chocolate, ginger biscuit and light vanilla wafer lingering with the spices. A robust, never-too-sweet sherried style that draws parallels with several full throttle Australian releases - think Black Gate or Iniquity. Non chill filtered and natural colour. 59.3% Alc./Vol.