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Bearded Lady Small Batch Charred Moonshine (500ml)

$39. 99
$479.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%

In popular culture, moonshine is usually presented as being extremely strong and in North America it's commonly associated with the Southern United States and Appalachia. Many readers will remember in the 1980's television show (and 2005 movie) "The Dukes of Hazzard", moonshine was a central element of the plot.

The name Moonshine Whiskey (a.k.a. white lightning, Corn likker, white dog, poita­n, mooney, moon, creek water or hooch) is often assumed to be derived from the fact that moonshine producers and smugglers would often work at night (i.e. under the light of the moon) to avoid arrest for producing illegal liquor. Nowadays, it's becoming the common term for unaged whiskey. It's typically distilled from a varied mix of corn and sugar and aged in Mason jars and jugs rather than oak barrels.

Bearded label produce this version from a 99% corn / 1% Barley mash and 'rest' it in barrels that have previously held their Bourbon.

Tasting note: [Sampled from a near empty jar] Clear, pale gold. Bourbon pick up is evident - moderate, though somewhat flat and pedestrian aromas include gobstopper, vanilla wafer and hints of caramel. Old popcorn in later passes. Light to medium bodied, delicately spicy...vanilla, corn chip and gobstopper. Short and simple. Kind of like a lighter styled Bourbon. 40% Alc./Vol.