Ardnamurchan AD/ Sherry Cask Release Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)
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Ardnamurchan AD/ Sherry Cask Release Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)

Highlands, SCOTLAND
$150. 00
$1800.00 Dozen
ABV: 50%

Aligned in style to several sherried Islay expressions, though, perhaps with extra richness, Ardnamurchan's foray into the heavily sherried market comes out of a combination of PX and Oloroso casks. It's a whisky in two parts; Peat and coastal notes first, then the sherry arrives late in a sweet rush of dried fruits and vanilla, mixed up with oily lanolin, tangy peel and menthol tobacco. A satisfying, precociously balanced malt and yet another notch in the belt for Ardnamurchan, twenty five casks make up the release: 15 hogsheads of unpeated spirit plus 10 butts of peated new make - most of which has already sold out via major UK retailers. 50% Alc./Vol. Non chill filtered.

Other reviews... Big and complex, yet not at all burny. Bold red lick but very quickly the coastal rocky Ardna I love bursts into view. Wrapped in a red blanket. Raisins. Dry fruits. Hint of mint. No firework. No matchbox. Oh…wait! Here comes the salty ocean spray. Now the peaty earthiness. Wow, what balance. How can 5yo whisky taste this…old? More mature than it has any right to be. -

...Maybe not exactly heavily peated, but neither is the peat very subtle. On the palate that is. It's clearly on the younger side, but never immature, which is the key takeaway. While it's already good and balances the sherry and peat relatively well, there's still a way up for Ardnamurchan, which makes me very excited for their future. -