2016 Writers Tears Limited Edition Cask Strength Irish Whiskey (700ml)

$185. 00
$2220.00 Dozen
ABV: 53%
A new 2016 release of Writer's Tears at natural strength, composed of triple distilled 100% barley malt and pot still whiskies. Matured in Bourbon barrels, this year's is a run of 2640 bottles. Non-chill-filtered.

Other reviews... [previous release notes] Well, the name's spot on because at that price it definitely brought tears to this writer's eyes. What a shame, because the liquid is eye-watering, too, a stunning big bruiser of a whiskey that coats the mouth as berry and green fruits battle it out with oak, spice, and grain oils — the whiskey equivalent to one of singer Sinead O'Connor's rants — powerful, impressive, a little bitter and twisted, utterly unforgettable, and unmistakably Irish. 92 points - Reviewed by: Dominic Roskrow, www.maltadvocate.com