2016 Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Barrel Proof Release 126.2 Proof (63.1%) Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml)

$699. 00
$8388.00 Dozen
ABV: 63.1%
Always one of the most consistent performers in the Antique Collection line up and as always, exceptionally limited.

Other reviews... Each year Buffalo Trace releases the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection (BTAC), which represents a cross-section of American Whiskeys spanning a wide range of ages, proofs, and styles. In the bourbon industry, BTAC is widely revered as some of the absolute best and most highly sought after American Whiskeys released each year, setting the bar high for competitors as well as subsequent releases of each expression within the Antique Collection itself. While the expressions remain relatively consistent from year to year, each year’s vintage brings with it unique nuances relative to previous releases. Because demand for these whiskeys has greatly outpaced supply, bourbon enthusiasts frenzy to get their hands on these whiskeys each year. So just how does 2016’s Antique Collection fare? Our tasting notes and overall thoughts on each brand follow.

Nose: Dry and arid consisting of cigar box, aged oak, dried leather, and a healthy dose of ethanol upfront with hints of dark chocolate and raisins layered in.Palate: Sweeter than the nose would lead you to believe, I am surprised that this seems to drink lower than the listed 126.2 proof. A healthy dose of rye spice along with raisins, honey, and toffee are all present. Finish: The finish is where Handy reminds me that this is a barrel proof rye, as one way to sum it up is HOT! This is a finish where the heat lingers with you for a while, starting by enveloping my mouth all the way down to my stomach. Rye spice, white pepper, and oak are most noticeable with the oak lingering with the heat the longest.

When directly comparing this to a 2014 Handy that I sampled this next to, I found the 2016 version to contain a more layered nose and more flavorful palate. Finish-wise, they both contained that familiar Handy heat which is exemplary of the brand. Compared to years past, I found this year's Handy to be one of the bolder and tastier releases in recent memory and look forward to drinking more of it in the future. - www.breakingbourbon.com