2016 Inniskillin Reserve Vidal Icewine (375ml)

Niagara Peninsula, CANADA
$79. 99
$959.88 Dozen

Notes sourced from Inniskillin
Early Spring temperatures brought a rapid start to the 2016 growing season. Mid to late Spring saw temperatures cool off, bringing in a great deal of rain. This hampered berry development slightly but the warm summer days followed by cool summer nights more than made up for it. This temperature fluctuation allows sugar to develop during the day, with acidity that develops at night, resulting in whites with excellent fruit flavours and bright acidity. Red wine varietals benefitted from an early growing season as well, which allowed them to ripen on the vine for much longer than a typical harvest. The cooler fall weather helped the grapes retain moisture which resulted in a more subtle fruit profile with supple, smooth tannins.

This unique Canadian product was harvested at the height of Canada’s crisp winter. Naturally frozen on the vine and then picked when the temperature drops to a frigid -10°C. Only a few drops of concentrated nectar can be squeezed from each bunch. The juice is then slowly fermented to achieve a rich, specialty wine know as Icewine.

Tasting Notes:  A mix of honey, beeswax, and dried apricot on the nose with a tantalizing essence of honey and dried apricot on the palate as well. A well rounded mouthfeel with acidity that balances out this naturally sweet dessert wine. Residual Sugar 256 g/l.

9% alcohol