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2008 Zuidam Millstone PX Cask Matured Cask Strength Single Malt Dutch Whisky (700ml)

$195. 00
$2340.00 Dozen
ABV: 54.2%
Freakish malt. Expect controversy and whisky to flow in equal measure when you crack this one.


Where Bols, Filliers and Bokma have become household names in Dutch spirits and liqueurs, you can now add another: 'Zuidam'. By European standards, this project is very, very young - only reconciled by a precociousness that seems to flaunt five centuries of distilling history. In 1975, Fred van Zuidam and wife, Helene, opened a deliberately contained operation with one small copper still. That modest initiative now turns out a staggering 600 products, including liqueurs, genevers and new world style gins. And with help from their sons, they've recently turned to making whisky in a serious way.

We introduced Patrick Zuidam's superb 100% Rye and Sherried Malt Whisky earlier in the year. This latest effort is equally compelling and follows in a series since Millstone's first special limited edition bottling was distilled in 1999. This whisky was matured in PX sherry casks, specially made for Zuidam. 970 bottles are on offer world wide.

Tasting note: With a minimum age of 7 years, this pours a deep polished bronze. Wow - an amazing whisky nose! Jaffa, blood orange infused chocolate, then later, lifted scents hinting at orange cake, marzipan and icing sugar. The orange theme continues on the palate - deceptively soft, almost viscous entry, builds into an intense bittersweet peel / pith / orange cake attack. Finish edges towards marzipan and then marmalade but concludes dry with the malt peeking through late. Freakish. Quite unlike any PX influenced whisky we've tasted before. Expect controversy and whisky to flow in equal measure when you crack this one. 54.2% Alc./Vol. Stocks extremely limited.