2007 Signatory Vintage The Un-Chillfiltered Collection Glen Elgin 14 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)

Speyside, Highlands, SCOTLAND
$99. 99 Bottle
$1199.88 Dozen
ABV: 46%
If you had to generalise Glen Elgin's style, it would be a fruitiness often accompanied by an almost honey-sweetness with a touch of orange blossom. This profile is achieved via long fermentations and a slow distillation in its six stills to clean out sulphur. Condensing takes place in worm tubs and contributes further weight and complexity. While it has traditionally lent its distinctive flavour to one of the world’s most famous blends, fortunately for all Scotch lovers, today Glen Elgin has a couple of official bottlings, followed by a steady stream of independents who have picked up the baton. 46% Alc./Vol. Non chill filtered.