1986 Nikka Miyagikyo Single Cask No.80283 Single Malt Japanese Whisky (700ml)

$3999. 00 Bottle
$47988.00 Dozen
ABV: 63%
Another rare Nikka surfaces... this time from Miyagikyo, Nikka's second distillery, built in 1969 after Taketsuru came upon the site, completely enclosed by mountains and sandwiched between the Shin and Hirose rivers. The local crisp air and humidity is considered perfect for spirit maturation. At present eight stills are in operation. The style tends to be light, elegant yet spicy. Great review from Serge Valentin below for this now very rare (and unusual) single cask, cask strength release. One only to sell.

Other reviews... Colour: gold. Nose: as superb as the 1989 at first sniffs, maybe even more so. More straight peat, very ‘wet’ (garden bonfire with wet grass) and a lot of lemon balm, lime, crystallised oranges and hints of passion fruits. Great nose at 63%! With water: oh, this is very strange. Gets kind of ‘pleasantly rotten’, on notes of well-hung game, gunpowder, even mud… Strange but nice, even if a tad ‘perverse’. So much for a friend who was telling me that Japanese whiskies were ‘lab whiskies.’ Mouth (neat): ultra-strong but funnily enough, this is ‘swallowable’ as it does not really burn. Very rich but straighter than the 1989 again, with a big smokiness and a very special association of citrus fruits and very aromatic fruits such as ripe raspberries and even rose-flavoured sweets (or high-quality Turkish delights). With water: gets drier but very pleasantly so this time. More bitter chocolate, un-sugared herbal tea and plain tea, notes of cough syrup, peppermint… And always a lot of peat. Finish: long, maybe a little simpler than expected because of the rather heavy woodiness but very clean and very peaty (and quite salty). Comments: a big, concentrated dram that stands water perfectly well this time. At 63%, it’ll make for two bottles for the price of one - almost. 89 points - whiskyfun.com