1972 Benromach Single Cask #4471 46 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)

Speyside, Highlands, SCOTLAND
$3499. 00
$41988.00 Dozen
ABV: 55.7%
Benromach continue to roll out these very rare and very old bottlings. So far, this one tops the lot. Laid into barrel in 1972 and bottled in 2018 after spending approximately 46 years in a single refill American Hogshead (#4471), the total outturn was a miserly 75 bottles. This is precious nectar indeed - and priced accordingly. One only.

Notes from Benromach... Pour your dram of Benromach 1972, cask number 4471, and prepare your senses to encounter an experience as rare as this gorgeous whisky. First, lift your glass to the light and appreciate the lustrous golden amber hue created by lingering for 46 years in a single Refill American Hogshead as the whisky grew and matured in character. Take a short inhalation, appreciating the wonderful aromas without water… enjoy the tantalising notes of vanilla custard, honey and baked pineapple, mingling with intriguing hints of beeswax polish, mature oak and an edge of fresh menthol. Now take a sip, enjoying the taste without water. Savour the smooth sweetness beautifully balanced by a gentle dash of warm pepper. A medley of ripe tropical fruits, mango and passion fruit develops. Candied citrus peel and dried tobacco lead to subtle undertones of aniseed. Add a few drops of water and take time to enjoy the nose as it develops… gorgeous aromas of exotic fruits come to the fore with top notes of toasted coconut and zingy lime. Now lift it to your lips and enjoy a slow sip... notes of tropical fruits soften and mingle with hints of pear drops, leading to lingering oak notes and hints of mellow cigar box on the finish. Magnificent! 55.7% Alc./Vol.