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Old Pulteney Price Drops

Suitably marketed as 'The Maritime Malt’, Pulteney’s sweet and fruity style comes with a lick of salt and sea air. It's one of a small number of coastal distilleries turning out a very distinctive style, further distinguished by its extreme northern location. Owned by a relatively small company without the promotional muscle of the major players, many whisky enthusiasts only 'discovered' Pulteney after Jim Murray named the now discontinued 21 year old World Whisky of the Year, (replaced by the superb 18YO). Choose any age statement and Pulteney promises a solid northerner, frequently matured in x Bourbon where you get the best feel for the distillate, but also suited to sherry when handled with care. Apart from the notable saline character, we often find hints of beeswax and light smoke that give it a Clynelish-like feel.

Established in 1826, for a long time the distillery was only accessible by sea. Barley was brought in by boat, the whisky shipped out and many of the distillery workers were also employed as fishermen. The herring fishing industry is no longer part of daily life in Wick, but the heritage of the region is referenced in the packaging of Old Pulteney, the labels incorporating the depiction of a traditional Wick herring drifter.